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September 15, 2009

Doesn't Anyone Care About Success?

What are small businesses supposed to do with storage space, bandwidth, and a MySQL database? It's like receiving some of the parts to an automobile in a box.

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You (or an expensive team) have to assemble the accelerator, clutch, brakes and ignition. And that means you have to buy specialized power tools and hire skilled personnel to put it all together before you even take it out of the garage... then fix it when it "doesn't work." And even then, you're missing a turbocharger (but you can buy one for only $49.95/month!).

By the time you have done that and "parked it over there" (you never do learn how to really drive it), SBI! owners ("beginner" to "pro Webmaster") have driven their NASCAR (or F1 if you prefer) around the globe. And after you compare apples-to-apples, you've done it at a fraction of the cost.

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